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shri ramchandra kripalu bhajman Lyrics. Shree Ram Stuti.

Ram Stuti
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Song:Ram Stuti

Ram Stuti Lyrics

Shri Ram Shri Ram

Shri Ramachandra kripalu bhajmana,

haran bhava bhaya darunam (X2)

Nav-kanj-lochana kanj-mukh,

kar-kanj pad-kanjarunam

Shri Ram Shri Ram

Kandarpa aganita amita chavi,

naval-nil niraj sundaram

Patapita manahu tarita ruchi suchi,

naumi Janaka-sutavaram

Shri Ramachandra kripalu bhajman,

haran bhav bhay darunam

Shri Ram Shri Ram

Bhaja Din-bandhu

Dinesh danav daitya-vansha nikandanam

Raghu-nanda anand akanda,

Kaushal chanda Dasharatha nandanam

Shri Ramchandra kripalu bhajman,

haran bhav bhaya darunam

Shri Ram Shri Ram

Sira mukut kundal tilaka charu,

udaara ang vibhu-shanam

Ajanu bhuja shar chapadhar,

sangrama jita Khara Dushanam

Shri Ramchandra kripalu bhajman,

harana bhava bhaya daarunam

Shri Ram Shri Ram

Iti vadati Tulsidasa Shankara,

Shesha muni-man ranjanam

mam hriday-kanj nivasa kuru,

kamaadi khaladal ganjanam

Shri Ramachandra krupalu bhaj mann,

haran bhav bhaya darunam

Manu jaahi rachehu milihi so baru,

sahaj sunder saanwaro

Shri Ram... Shri Ram...
Ram Stuti is a prayer or hymn dedicated to Lord Rama, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. It is a devotional composition that praises the qualities and virtues of Lord Rama and seeks his blessings and protection.

Ram Stuti is typically recited or sung by devotees during worship or puja, especially on auspicious occasions such as Ram Navami, the birthday of Lord Rama. It is also a popular devotional song that is played during religious festivals, cultural events, and other occasions.

There are many versions of Ram Stuti composed by different poets and musicians over the years. Some of the most famous Ram Stuti include the Ram Chalisa, Ram Raksha Stotra, and the Shri Ram Stuti. These hymns are believed to have great spiritual significance and are said to bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to the devotees who recite or sing them with devotion.
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