Heart Attack Lyrics

Heart Attack song Lyrics of Dave. This is new Latest song. Song is sung Dave. Lyrics of Heart Attack Lyrics Written by Joe Reeves, James Blake & Dave. Produced Dave, Joe Reeves.

Heart Attack Lyrics
Heart Attack Song Details:
Song:Heart Attack
Lyrics:oe Reeves, James Blake & Dave

Heart Attack Lyrics

Knife crimes is near a record high

With more than forty blade offenses every day in London

At a youth club in South London not far from where someone was stabbed less than twenty-four hours ago

He outlined a direct link between violent crimes, social exclusion and austerity


A study by City Hall found that London has seen an increase in 71% in victims of serious youth violence since 2012

The Mayor says this is linked to an increase in poverty

And the highest rates of violence take placе in some of the poorest boroughs

Look, I bеt them boys think I am panickin'

Check what my young G's are carrying

His blade same length as a javelin

I do not know about B-ball or what is happenin'

But know that it is fucked if he is travellin' and we see him

I can not lie, I was depressed at phases

I was nineteen when the team nearly left him faceless

Hopin' that we never left no traces

You know when you are so damn tired in your house

But you can not sleep cah you got pendin' cases

I used to love temptin' fate, but now it is temptin' faces

For half my career I was part of that

My best friend got a burner, and it is lookin' like a artifact

Put it in your puffer or your Prada hat

Like fuck panic, that is a heart attack

Yeah, it is like, life's so fucked in the time that we are in

We are fightin' the world, and we are fightin' within

Somali dad ran away from a war

Now his son's in a war, that is the cycle we are in

I know niggas that did not do time in a bin

That have never had freedom of mind, are you sick?

'Round here main way to provide for your kin

Is in a flick blade, little push-bike and a sim

In London a place where it is nicer to live

Is only five minutes out from the guys on the strip

Where man make yay' work, heard he a soldier

I know that nigga hasn't got balls like Grey Worm

As I grow older, change of perspective

I gotta stay loyal to my girl, that is the trait she was blessed with

Restaurants, raves with my bredrins

Life's too short, so we gotta turn up

Man talk on my ting for the 'Gram, it is intrusive

I never really thought 'bout taking a life

'Til I found out my ex-girl's dad is abusive

I felt "How could I be a man and not do shit?"

I am on the way there now, and I do not wanna lose it

But fightin' her battle's only hurtin' the girl

How can I protect her from the world

When I couldn't even protect her from myself?

On my grandmother's grave, shit happens again

I put a knife through a family friend

Most the women that I know had shit happen to them

So innocent 'til guilty, ain't somethin' that I have to respect

I think back to my youth and I was so ungrateful

How many of our parents had dreams they abandoned so they could put food on the table?

Intelligent, worthy and able, that is somebody's parent

You know?

And that affected the way that I see s
Written by: oe Reeves, James Blake & Dave
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