Bank Account Lyrics - Lil Wayne

Bank Account Lyrics – Lil Wayne

Bank Account Lyrics - Lil Wayne
Bank Account Song Details:
Song:Bank Account
Singer: Lil Wayne

Bank Account Lyrics

On God Dedication 6
On God Dedication 6
On God yeah
25 million on a nice big ol mansion
And bitch I still havent invited your family
When you walk in you see the art and gold Grammys
Ima just kill that pussy now its just a closed casket
25 million on a mansion so precious
Bitch be careful where youre bringin your besties
Satin sheets I aint got time for no messes
That exorcist told me my wifey possessive
Adderall just so we can go restless
We fuckin all all night long no breakfast
No confessions no questions we both professionals
Now ride me like an open road no pedestrian

You bought a car for the bitch
I buy the narcs for the bitch
You buy apartments and shit
Its nice I just walked in this bitch
You buy the art for the bitch
Yall argue too often and shit
You always startin some shit
That should come off of the bench
Shout out my homies I miss
Nino and Tony and Mitch
This aint no call you and shit
She wont come snortlin shit
She wont go hard with a bitch
She know what happens today
She know we always forget
And she just posted the shit
And he just saw his lil bitch
Tell him I want him to trip
Tell him my guns gettin skinny
Tell him theyre starvin for this
Give me the check give me the throne
My hair is a minute too long
My bitch look like Vivica-Berry
Your bitch look like Rosetta Stone
I made my bitch go get a clone
Fuck em together and then on they own
When they catch feelins Im gone
Im whippin the Winnie the Coupe
Im drivin and sippin the soup
The shit made me drift in the Coupe
As long as I get to the stu
Ruler clip
Rick the Ruler slick
Pull up on your bitch
You just called your bitch
Got that “Who is this?”
She dont know you exist
She on her Mula shit
Thats that truer shit
Make you eat your words make you chew your shit
Then we knockin out every tooth you pick
Nigga fuck you and fuck who you with
Yeah my bitch broke but her booty fixed
Wait I just popped a Perc
Another for dessert
I washed it down with syrup
I just left planet Earth
Ran into Captain Kirk
I pop a Perc Im trippy
Call me Perc Nowitzki
Just call her Lewinsky
Blurry blurry vision
Blrrp— “Hello who is this?”
I just hit the line
I got a bitch in mind I call her anytime
She taller but its fine
Together we 6-9
I hit her other line
He like “What other line?”
She like “Never mind”
And she can tell a lie
And I can tell shes lyin
Thats no lie
Thats my awesome lil bitch
Got me a saucy lil bitch
Got me a bossy lil bitch
Left her for a bossier bitch
It cost me a arm and a dick
I got me a naughtier bitch
She suck on the balls and the stick
Im about to play golf with the bitch
Im way on Mars with the bitch
She fuckin with Martians and shit
You shoppin at Marshalls and shit
And yeah your bitch gettin trippy with me
Want a quickie with me
Say she wish that I had Nicki with me
Say shed lick her with me
Wish you wish I had my nigga with me
Bitch you washy-wishy
Yall cant trick me
She said “God forgive
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